Performance Testing with Peaks Coaching Group — Thunder Ridge Segment.

We recently visited our partners at Peaks Coaching Group to see how they are using the TYPE-R to evaluate and improve rider performance. PCG coach David Sellars agreed to take us through a test that he set up to show differences in seated and standing climbing intervals.

To read a previous blog post analyzing motion in different riding positions, check out this blog post which reviews pelvic tilt data in 5 riding positions.

For this test, we set out to evaluate the difference in MPIs (Motion Performance Indicators) on a 45-minute climb ridden at 90% of FTP.

Interval #1:

  • Completed by riding normally, standing and sitting down on the climb as David would in a “regular” training ride or race.
  • 45-minutes in duration.
  • Ridden at 275 watts, roughly 90% of David’s FTP.

Interval #2:

  • Completed by riding the full climb in a seated position, without standing up at all.
  • 45-minutes in duration.
  • Ridden at 275 watts, roughly 90% of David’s FTP.

TYPE-R Data Analysis

Pelvic Data:

Shown below in figure 1 & 2, we can see a side by side comparison of David’s Pelvic Tilt, Rock and Rotation data from interval #1, and interval #2. This view clearly identifies the parts of the climb where he rode the climb standing up.

DSS Analysis with PSI Chart:

Shown below in figure 3 and 4, we can clearly see that David has increased Dead Spot Score in the 7 o’clock position while standing. This indicates that he may struggle to pull his foot out of the bottom of the pedal stroke smoothly.

Motion Data Comparison for Interval 1 & 2:

Rider Conclusions:

While David did perform the second interval at a higher average power, higher average speed, and longer distance, we can’t say that this was directly due to remaining seated for the full 45-minute interval. With that said, David did feel like his overall perceived exertion was higher on interval #2.

In the future, David will continue to test his performance with the TYPE-R to evaluate his MPIs in a variety of applications.

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