Olympic Silver Medalist Paul Tanui Joins LEOMO as a Brand Ambassador

Partnership includes improving the quality of Tanui's training and racing performance with LEOMO's advanced motion analysis technology, while creating an opportunity for runners of all abilities to view running form analysis data of top athletes

Boulder, CO (October 1, 2021) — LEOMO, Inc., a sports technology company based in Boulder, Colorado, best known for its advanced motion analysis devices and services, is pleased to announce the signing of Paul Tanui, the silver medalist in men’s 10,000m at the Rio Olympics, as a brand ambassador.

LEOMO utilizes its innovative wearable motion analysis technology combined with the knowledge and expertise it has accumulated through analyzing top runners around the world, to help all levels of runners become faster and stronger, while reducing the risk of injury.

In this partnership, LEOMO will support Tanui on how to improve his performance, prevent injuries, and develop race strategies by providing feedback based on data analysis of his running form. In the spirit of this collaboration, Tanui will share his insights, thoughts on competitions, his unique training programs, along with his running form data with fellow runners.

Tanui has been using LEOMO’s TYPE-S and advanced running metrics to improve specific aspects of his running form after coming up just short of winning gold medals at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and the World Athletics Championships in 2015 and 2017. He’ll be relying on the LEOMO data and analysis as he prepares for the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, in 2022.

“Upon checking my running data with the TYPE-S, I found that as I accelerated, I was not able to move my left foot smoothly, impacting my kinetic chain,” Tanui said. “This has helped me identify my weaknesses and the training I need to overcome my challenges.”

Tanui, 30, who runs for the Sunbelx Track Team in Kenya, is eager to share the knowledge and experiences about how LEOMO has helped refine his running form.

“I am delighted to become a part of LEOMO as a brand ambassador and I am looking forward to sharing my training methods, the combination between my experience as a professional athlete and LEOMO's expertise based on sports science and technology, and Kenyan-style training programs with both professional and non-professional runners,” Tanui added.

“We are excited about our partnership with Paul Tanui and look forward to seeing him compete at an even higher level,” said Kunihiko Kaji, CEO and co-founder of LEOMO Inc. “Our running analysis system was developed in collaboration with athletes of various levels, from beginners to top runners, who are competing in international races. Our analysis system is a valuable tool for all athletes to run more efficiently and faster without getting injured. While Paul’s running form is impressive, our initial analysis has found a few areas where improvement could be made. We believe Paul will be able to acquire the most optimal form to bring out his true potential and allow him to perform at his best, by using our system in his daily training. We look forward to seeing how Paul will improve his performance.”

“Even if you are not an elite runner you could see noticeable performance improvements by using our running analysis system. We hope you will have an opportunity to use our analysis system,” Kaji added.

About LEOMO Running Performance Clinic
LEOMO has developed four Running Performance Clinic courses that provide athletes and coaches with precise, data-informed running form analysis and expert feedback for running gait improvement. It’s an easy-to-use, completely remote service that all levels of runners and triathletes can utilize to enhance their training, increase their running economy, improve their racing performance and reduce discomfort and pain from common overuse injuries.

After attaching the five small, lightweight sensors to their feet, thighs and pelvis, Running Performance Clinic customers undergo a simple running test protocol workout wearing their typical running shoes on a track, path or road where they usually train. After they upload their data, LEOMO’s sports science team provides analysis, feedback and instruction for improvement.

Service plans are available for existing LEOMO device owners and for customers interested in getting running form feedback via a demo program. Prices start at $44 for device owner plans and $72 for rental plans.

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TYPE-S has two lineups: TYPE-S sensor kit ($449), which is a package for beginners of motion analysis that includes two LEOMO motion sensors, and TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro ($799), which includes all five LEOMO motion sensors for advanced applications.

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About Live Video Sync (LVS)
It is possible to record as one activity log together with the data sent from the LEOMO motion sensor and ANT + sensor that are recorded at the same time as the video at 120 fps or 240 fps using the camera of the iOS device in the application running on iOS. You can do it, and by playing it on the spot, you can give immediate feedback at the training or race site, and you can also output the log on the Internet. It is a subscription service that can be used from $20, excluding tax.

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About LEOMO, Inc.
Established in 2012 by Kunihiko Kaji and Mistletoe Co., Ltd., which was founded and operated by Taizo Son, we are developing sports devices and services linked to them at the headquarters office in Boulder, Colorado, and the satellite office in Tokyo, Japan.

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