Using LEOMO Type-R to Analyze Performance — A Case Study Part 1

Written by Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching. Apex Coaching has partnered with LEOMO to provide guidance in the practical application of the benefits of using the Type-R for cyclists and their coaches. We are performing analysis and evaluation, as well as recommendations for features that will be available in the future.

Here is one example of how the data from the Type-R was used to change equipment choice and bike position to improve performance in a master’s cyclist. This athlete was competing in a 3-stage race in Colorado that started with a climbing time-trial (which we like to call a climb-trial), a flat time-trial, and finished with a road race. I’m the athlete featured in this case study, and I rode a different bike for each race. Here’s how the race and bike information breaks down:

As we can see from the data in the image below, average power for the road race is slightly higher than the TT, though being more than three times longer in duration. Also, the average heart rate for the road race was 16 beats/minute lower than the TT effort indicating a reduced overall physiological strain.

Based on this information, we could make a few guesses and assumptions regarding the motion and performance. Maybe the TT was just a bad day…but it was preceded and followed by better relative efforts. The differences might be related to the fit/position of the TT bike. All three bikes used 172.5 cranks, round chainrings, and the same shoe/cleat/pedal combination.

In reviewing the movement data, we see a few of interesting findings:

  1. There is a significant difference in DSS in the left leg in the TT compared to the two other races (2.1 left DSS, versus 0.4 and 0.2 DSS in the climb trial and road race)
  2. The next major difference is Pelvic Tilt average angle, with the TT at 36.1 degrees, versus 50.0 and 54.6 degrees for the climb trial and road race.

In part 2 of this case study, I’ll outline and review a simple test that I set up to determine what my optimal time trial position was by adjusting crank length and Pelvic Tilt.

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