Using Pelvic Tilt to Differentiate Between Sitting and Standing

Hi, I’m Naoto from the R&D department at LEOMO. Today I’m going to introduce how the TYPE-R’s pelvic MPIs can be used to differentiate between pedaling while sitting and pedaling while standing.

For this test, I used an indoor trainer to record data for five different stances:

Range 1: Tops (Stance with largest Pelvic Tilt, for reference)
Range 2: Sitting / Hoods
Range 3: Sitting / Drops
Range 5: Standing / Hoods
Range 7: Standing / Drops

Pelvic Tilt, Seated vs. Standing LEOMO TYPE-R

If you take a look at the activity data below you’ll see that Pelvic Tilt is higher when you are sitting up. It’s a bit confusing, but keep in mind that Pelvic Tilt is at 90 deg when sitting up, and 0 deg when perfectly flat against the ground.


  • Sitting: Pelvic Tilt is 57.6°
  • Standing: Pelvic Tilt is 52.8°


  • Sitting: Pelvic Tilt is 55.7°
  • Standing: Pelvic Tilt is 47.2°

Pelvic Data, LEOMO TYPE-R Testing

An interesting side note: Pelvic AP Rotation almost always goes up while pedaling out of the saddle.


Since you have to reach further to hold the handles while out of the saddle, your pelvis tilts down more than when you’re sitting. You can, therefore, use Pelvic Tilt to check if the athlete is sitting or standing at certain segments of an activity.

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