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Hello this is Fukuma from LEOMO. I would like to pick up from where left off in Part 1 “What is LAR/FAR”? In this article I would like to discuss some of practical applications for those two MPIs.  Let us...
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Hello this is Fukuma from LEOMO. After having explained DSS in a previous blog, I would like to follow up with a two-part explanation of Leg Angular Range (LAR) and Foot Angular Range (FAR). Both LAR and FAR are two of LEOMO’s...
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こんにちは。LEOMOの才田です。 今回はハンドルの高さを変えることでPelvic Angleと、現在開発中の胸に装着したセンサーから得るTorso Angleがどのように変化していくのかを見ていきたいと思います。 仮説 自転車上での骨盤の角度は腿の上がり方をはじめペダリングに影響を与えるため、最適な骨盤の角度はある程度決まっているのではないか。 ある高さまではハンドルを下げても胸郭が湾曲...
Hello, this is Saita from LEOMO. Today, I’m going to talk about how different saddle heights affect MPIs (Motion Performance Indicators) from a bike-fitting perspective. This should provide insight on how to choose an optimal saddle height based on MPIs....
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In this video, we used the IMU-based TYPE-R to test two different time-trial positions with Giancarlo, a local Cat. 1 racer who's looking to improve his time trial bike-fit in 2018.
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