TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro
TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro

TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro

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The LEOMO TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro features cutting-edge motion analysis technology while also boasting incredible and innovative features such as Android operating system capabilities for calling, emailing, texting, and more. The TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro includes five advanced motion sensors for limited data analysis in real time.

The TYPE-S with LEOMO Motion Sensor Kit Pro

TYPE-S Main Unit 
Multi-sport Adapter 
Motion Sensors (5) 
Sensor Charger 
Sensor Carrier 
Sensor Clips (2) 
Sensor Adhesives (50, 25 sheets) 
USB cable for charging sensors(1)

Does NOT Include: 
USB-C Cable for charging TYPE-S Main Unit
Power Mount
AC Power Adapter 
Bike Mount 

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