Bike-Fitting with LEOMO

How to pinpoint a cyclist’s best position for an optimal bike fit

Incorporating LEOMO’s portable motion analysis technology into your bike-fitting service will ensure the most precise understanding of a cyclist’s movement patterns during a bike-fitting session. LEOMO’s TYPE-S system and advanced Motion Performance Indicators (MPIs) offer the best and most accurate solution for bike-fitting service based on a cyclist's actual positioning and movements while out on a ride.

Manual bike-fitting techniques that rely on coefficients, harnesses and a variety of settings can be unnecessarily cumbersome and not entirely accurate, while high-tech motion capture systems are expensive and can only provide insights if the cyclist is within average ranges based on more than 1,000 of samples. LEOMO’s TYPE-S system and motion analysis technology can provide optimal positioning insights for every bike-fitting client based on specific data captured from LEOMO’s MPIs.

Benefits to integrate LEOMO into your service

Affordability and accuracy

For bike fitters who are using traditional bike-fitting techniques based on manual adjustments or even a MoCap-based system, LEOMO’s TYPE-S system is an affordable investment that offers precise, data-informed insights that can lead to optimal positioning with a greater degree of accuracy for every individual cyclist.

Bike-fitting in real conditions

Body movements on a stationary trainer are not the same as those in the real world. After doing a bike fit in your studio, you can have your clients ride on the road or a velodrome and fine tune the position based on the data recorded from LEOMO’s TYPE-S system.

Data-enhanced customer service

If you have bike-fitting data based on LEOMO MPIs for your customers, you can mimic the bike-fitting process when they visit your store to purchase a new bike. If you have LEOMO LVS data for your customers, you do a before-and-after comparison with the video and MPIs to get an accurate data depiction and a complete visual understanding of their positioning and movement patterns.

Increased bike-fitting revenue

By investing in LEOMO’s TYPE-S system, you can offer your regular clients affordable remote bike-fitting service several times per year between in-person annual sessions, thus increasing your service revenue. Those periodic micro-adjustments can benefit your clients between in-person bike-fit sessions by reducing discomfort or pain from the current position and improving performance as the cyclist’s fitness increases during the season.

Bike Fitting Use Cases

You can incorporate LEOMO's service into your business

Are you relying on your eyes to check an athlete’s position on the bike? We have a solution that offers a data-driven understanding of a cyclist’s positioning and movement patterns. We are developing a service for cycling and triathlon coaches that would allow you to offer our Remote Bike-Fitting Service to your athletes. Through a series of short pedaling tests on a bike trainer, you’ll be able to provide data-based motion analysis feedback to help put your customers into an improved saddle position so they can ride better, stronger and more comfortably.

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LVS that upgrades your bike fitting service to the next level


The flexibility of placing the IMU sensor anywhere to measure the raw data of X-, Y-, and Z- axises of the accelerometer and gyrometer makes Live Video Sync LEOMO’s most versatile product. There are no limits to accumulating rich, quantified data when tracking an athlete's motion in any sport.


Take video analysis to the next level. With your iPad or iPhone† and your TYPE-R or TYPE-S you are able to capture all your athletes most valuable data in one location. Use your iPad or iPhone† camera to record your athlete (120-240 FPS) while also syncing the 5, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer LEOMO motion sensors, which provide immediate in depth motion data.


LEOMO’s IMU sensors capture 3-axis gyrometer and accelerometer data. Live Video Sync is the only LEOMO product that allows users to capture and download the raw data of each axis and view it in an oscilloscope graph.


Live Video Sync makes data analysis a breeze. Compare and track variances, averages, angular velocities, change of speed, and scrub data as needed. In addition, LVS’s replay and split screen view allows for side-by-side analysis of before and after.


Athletic performance can vary greatly between indoor and outdoor settings. This is why LEOMO created Live Video Sync to be used in either setting. Measure and compare any athletic motion indoor or outdoor with LVS.


Live Video Sync captures valuable data that is worth keeping secure. With LVS, users can export their video motion sensor data from the LVS app to their computer desktop instantly via Air Drop or Google Drive. From there, users can dive deeper into data analysis and easily secure the data.

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LVS App upgrades your bike fitting service to the next level. Learn more detail.

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