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Improving your cycling performance starts with improving your cycling form

Get a cool cycling form everybody admires with LEOMO!

A cool cycling form everybody admires

You might think cycling is simple sport. However, with a little research, you soon realize the process of riding a bike is very complex and you need to master techniques such as efficient cycling form, positioning, and so on to bike faster. Imagine yourself riding like an elite athlete in Hour Record - a breathtakingly beautiful form like a precision machine. You can ride like an elite athletes by getting a proper cycling form. With a cool cycling form, you can ride your bike more efficiently, bike faster, and bike with less injuries.

Your unique cycling form form comes with disadvantages

You might think it is OK to bike with your unique cycling form as long as you feel comfortable. However, your unique cycling form can cause some problems such as:
- Getting body aches
- Cycling performance isn’t improving
- Struggling compared to other riders around you
- Having a Bad cycling form

Use motion sensors to get to know your cycling form characteristics

Capture your cycling form data with LEOMO’s motion sensors to assess your cycling techniques. By quantifying your cycling form, you can compare the differences between your cycling form and elite cyclists’ cycling form. Comparing your cycling form with elite cyclists’ forms gives a clearer picture of where you should improve.

Quantify your cycling form with MPI

We developed the standard score system called Motion Performance Indicators (MPIs), for cycling form evaluation.
We condense massive cycling form data into MPIs to make cycling form analysis easier and improve the diagnostic accuracy of cycling form errors.

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