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LEOMO stands for "Laws and Equations Of Motion."


The TYPE-R is a device that will enable users to quantify and monitor motion in both real-time and long-term. The TYPE-R comes with a large display and 5 motion sensors.

The TYPE-R currently only has features for cycling, but through software updates in the future, the TYPE-R will be able to be used for other sports too.

Coaches and athletes who wish to measure and track quantified motion.

The TYPE-R can track Motion Performance Indicators (our motion metrics we refer to as MPIs) and standard metrics like power, cadence, etc. tracked by most cycling computers (requires separate ANT+ compatible sensors).

For training purpose, the TYPE-R can be used just like a standard cycling computer. It supports ANT+ sensors to track power, cadence, speed and heart rate, and GPS is built in. On top of that, the TYPE-R can also track Motion Performance Indicators (our motion metrics).

We are currently working on motion algorithms for other sports, but we cannot disclose the release date.

You can purchase the TYPE-R and its accessories on our webpage - https://www.leomo.io/account/register.

Curently the TYPE-R supports English, but we plan to release more languages soon.

Currently the TYPE-R is designed for cycling. However, we also have plans to support other sports in the future. The TYPE-R is designed to adapt to different sports and usage cases. Accessories included allow the TYPE-R to be placed on a bike or the wrist. Battery capacity can be changed depending on your training regimen (ex. small, light-weight battery for short sprints and a large portable charger for longer rides).

Yes, we will provide a 1-year warranty - https://www.leomo.io/pages/warranty - from your date of purchase. For details, please refer to the warranty specifications found on the LEOMO website.

Yes, you will be able to purchase a new one on the LEOMO website.

The TYPE-R includes 50 adhesives (25 sheets), and if you run out, you will be able to purchase additional adhesives on the LEOMO website.

Motion Analysis

Coaches are always out to discover how athletes should move, and athletes attempt to replicate these movements instructed by their coach. Our users can now accurately measure and track (across multiple activities) their motion in real world environments, which is significantly different and more diverse than a lab-based environment. Athletes and coaches can now for the first time, measure consistent, accurate data that can be used to compare across a multitude of factors such as power, fatigue, environment, and use that data to gain a new layer of insight and further fine-tune training and racing strategies.

The TYPE-R quantifies and records angular position, direction, and velocity/acceleration, while a 3D motion capture system captures positions based on a 3D grid.

We highly recommend working with a coach well versed in motion analysis to get full benefits of the data collected using TYPE-R. Even if you are not knowledgeable about motion analysis, you can track and monitor your motion data and add notes to your activities for reference. We will be adding more content to help both coaches and athletes interpret their data in the future.

We cannot promise that you will reach those goals using TYPE-R, but we believe that it is a helpful tool for coaches and athletes to better understand motion, which can optimize training and identify motions likely to cause injuries.

We are already working on them, but cannot say for sure when we can release them to the public.

We do not recommend using this device to replace a professional bike fitting (TYPE-R can aid a fitter to collect more data to make better bike fitting decisions).

We recommend that you work with coaches proficient in motion analysis to interpret and use the data collected with TYPE-R. We are also working with industry leading coaches and researchers to understand and achieve deeper insights from the data collected.

This is something we're working on. Large muscular movement of the thigh (which creates a lot of data noise) imposes challenges in collecting usable data. The single best place to place the sensor - on the knee cap itself - cannot achieve enough surface stability to keep the sensor from falling off. We are exploring other methods of measuring lateral travel of the knee while retaining data accuracy.

A motion sensor's angle, direction, nor most placements do not affect the readings. Only exception is the sacrum sensor, which reads the absolute angle of the pelvis, therefore the placement of the sensor is crucial to keep the absolute values consistent over many activities.

Technical Questions

You can view them on your smartphone web browser, but the data has not been optimized for a small screen.

Between IPX5 - IPX7 depending on the TYPE-R configuration. For details, please refer to the specification reference.

About 6GB is available for recording activities, which is about 30 hours worth of rides when recording motion data, and over 8000 hours with no motion data.

You'll need a smartphone for initial setup of your TYPE-R.

Our motion sensors only work with the TYPE-R.

Your activities can be exported as a FIT file. However, motion data is not currently included in the exported file.

Not directly, but you can download the data as a FIT file and upload it manually.

The TYPE-R connects to 5 motion sensors, and an unlimited number of ANT+ sensors

The TYPE-R is focused on releasing race training related features first, and does not have a map feature.

Not at this moment, we would love to include this feature and we will see if we can work with Shimano to see if we can offer this on the TYPE-R.