Boulder, CO USA & Tokyo, Japan July 10, 2018 — LEOMO, Inc., an emerging developer of innovative sports devices, announced the launch of the TYPE-R in the United Kingdom on August 1st.

The TYPE-R is first in a new category of wearable technologies specifically designed to help competitive athletes and their coaches unlock the power of motion analysis. As a wearable motion measurement tool for athletes, the TYPE-R breaks down the potential inefficiencies of your body movements during cycling.

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LEOMO's TYPE-R is available for sale to the public, priced at £699 from 1st August 2018. (including VAT, plus shipping fee) for the UK.

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LEOMO offers a special discount to customers located in the UK.

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20% discount: July 14th 00:00 (CET) - July 20th 23:59 (CET)

15% discount: July 21th 00:00 (CET) - July 27th 23:59 (CET)

10% discount: July 28th 00:00 (CET) - July 31st 23:59 (CET)

An individual discount code will be provided after the launch date.