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The TYPE-R automatically comes with a one-year limited warranty. With LEOMOCare, extend this coverage to two years, cover additional types of damage, and also receive discounts for future purchases of TYPE-R accessories.
*LEOMOCare must be bought within 30 days of your TYPE-R purchase. Each LEOMOCare plan can be registered to only one TYPE-R. After purchasing a plan, register LEOMOCare here to activate the plan.

TYPE-R Limited Warranty LEOMOCare for TYPE-R
Price Free £139
Service Period 1 year from date of TYPE-R purchase 2 years from date of TYPE-R purchase
Coverage Warranty Warranty and damages not mentioned in the Limited Warranty for up to £320
Discounts None 50% discount on TYPE-R accessories for up to £480

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For the complete details on LEOMOCare, please check the LEOMOCare for TYPE-R terms and conditions.

For details on how to use LEOMOCare, please click here.