Introducing TYPE-R, the first in a new category of wearable technology specifically designed to empower competitive athletes and their coaches with portable, accurate, real-time motion analysis.

Motion Sensors

The TYPE-R comes with five small, lightweight rechargeable Bluetooth® sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. Worn on the thighs, feet, and pelvis, the TYPE-R’s motion sensors records the rider’s movement at 100 data points per second, sending the data in real-time to the TYPE-R’s display.

Real-time Interface

With the ability to connect to ANT+™ based sensors, the head unit will be able to track power, power balance, cadence, speed, and heart rate in addition to Motion Performance Indicators, or MPIs - motion quantified as values. All values can also be shown as graphs, giving the ability to track trends over time.

In-depth Data Analysis

Upload your activity data from the TYPE-R and access LEOMO’s powerful activity analytics web app to review all your rides. Cross analyze your motion data with power, cadence, speed, heart rate, elevation, and more.

Companion App

The LEOMO Link companion app is for setting up and configuring the TYPE-R. LEOMO Link is available for both iOS and Android.

TYPE-R Spec Chart





Apply now to be a part of the LEOMO TYPE-R Open Beta Program.

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