At LEOMO, we are proud to have developed thousands of satisfied customers around the world since our inception in 2012. Our network of coaches, physiologists, bike-fitters and athletes have been an integral part of our success in developing use cases and getting feedback from real-world applications in endurance sports. We are honored to share a sampling of testimonials from some of our customers and clients here.

Niklas Quetri

Recently, a high-profile client who had raced at the Olympics on the track needed a bike to comply with a new saddle. He had been injured a while back and was just coming back to race fitness while working on a lot on strength and body awareness. We checked his angles because of physical improvements and observed only small differences at the most challenging paces. Our next step will be testing him in the velodrome.

Andy Sexton

The LEOMO TYPE-S offers me new ways to analyze the pedal stroke of riders, both in my bike-fitting studio and out on the road. The ability to capture pedal stroke data during real-world rides is highly valuable. How a cyclist or runner’s movement patterns change with fatigue can be looked at for the first time. I recommend LEOMO to all of the athletes I coach because of the additional useful insights it can offer both athlete and coach.

Josh Puyear

Whether you’re just starting with LEOMO or you've been using it for years, its intuitive functionality, combined with easy-to-understand metrics, make it a phenomenal tool for performance evaluation. Being able to evaluate athlete performance in the lab and in real-world race situations gives us the feedback needed to assist our athletes in reaching their peak. When performance matters, we choose to work with LEOMO!

Andreas Rommersbach

I started using LEOMO TYPE-S just a few weeks ago for running analysis. The unique MPIs give me interesting feedback about the running performance of my athletes. As a triathlon coach, my next step is to investigate the benefits of cycling motion analysis. I am so thankful LEOMO TYPE-S is an all-in-one useful tool that gives an in-depth motion analysis!

Adam Hartard

The LEOMO TYPE-S provides amazing real-time data that helps optimize my TT aero position whilst riding the bike on the road. On top of this, after the ride, I can analyze the rider position data with the power data to understand if I have maintained the optimal aero position. Once I know my optimal position, I can train and monitor this with the TYPE-S all of the time.

David Gibb

Upon reviewing my LEOMO Run MPIs, there is a clear difference between my left and right leg. I had an injury to my Achilles, which is the reason for the imbalance. Currently, I am doing strengthening exercises in the gym to try and restore normality. I am looking forward to tracking my improvement and progress with LEOMO!

Max Junior Zanoni

LEOMO is such a great tool and we use it frequently at Fisioconceptlab. It’s one of the very few tools that give us feedback on what really works for each rider when paired with Gebiomized’s saddle pressure and insole pressure is a war machine. We created a case study of a rider suffering from low back pain. With LEOMO, we measured the delta between pelvis and torso angle and then decided to lower this delta value until the rider felt more comfortable and was able to ride more effectively. We simply love these tools from LEOMO.

Alan H.

I brought this system for bike fitting and testing. I find it much cheaper and more effective than getting a Retul. So far, I am happy with LEOMO. I combine it with gebioMized and together I am able to provide my clients with a great bike-fitting service.

John Phelan

I include LEOMO technology with TYPE-S in my fully comprehensive bike-fitting service. I can see the client’s position and motion from my video analysis, but to be able to show the client the data live from the unit and look at the average values over the testing session makes a bike fit even more transparent. My clients find this very interesting, along with the values for their pelvic rock and rotation. LEOMO works really well with the saddle pressure mapping in objectively measuring the changes during the bike-fit process.

Alan Hoon

Performance Bike Fitter

LEOMO TYPE-S is a good tool for 3D motion capture without spending a ton of money. I use it in my bike-fit studio. Great for Dead Spot Score and pelvic stability. My clients are impressed with this equipment. Together with LEOMO’s LVS, it's a very impressive tool.

Tania Hoffman

I received my LEOMO TYPE-S three weeks ago and since then I have used it for my cycling and running sessions. The collected data helped me to view my weaknesses and asymmetries, especially in my running form. I will definitely use LEOMO in the future to improve my technique. I can only recommend the device!

Filip Francois

LEOMO gives me, as a coach, a better insight on what is happening when my athletes from Built By Hard Work are riding the bike. We can then make customized and appropriate changes to the bike fit or pedal stroke to help improve their performance.

Stef Hoffman

I started using the TYPE-S to improve my bike fitting at iQ Sport Lab Pro. I also supply the TYPE-S to my bike team to work and improve the performance on a day-to-day basis. I use it for the track team as well as for my own road team, Triton. The TYPE-S offers a new level of performance management!