The LEOMO TYPE-R is a wearable motion analysis device which measures and records motion with amazing accuracy. Bringing together the latest in motion sensing technology, biomechanics and professional level feedback, the TYPE-R can elevate your training, performance and injury prevention to a whole new level. The lightweight head unit with large high resolution display can be attached to your bike or wrist, showing you power, cadence, speed, heart rate, GPS, and motion analytics data in real-time.



The TYPE-R comes with five small, lightweight rechargeable Bluetooth® sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. Worn on the thighs, feet, and pelvis, the TYPE-R’s motion sensors record the rider’s movement at 100 data points per second, sending the data in real-time to the TYPE-R’s display.


With the ability to connect to ANT+™ based sensors, the head unit will be able to track power, power balance, cadence, speed, and heart rate in addition to Motion Performance Indicators, or MPIs - motion quantified as values.


After training is complete, riders and coaches can perform in-depth analysis and cross analyze motion data with power, cadence, speed, heart rate, elevation, and more.


Understanding motion is fundamental to understanding the body so TYPE-R provides valuable insights to help give me – and my athletes a competitive edge. Coupled with power and other metrics, it can help me quantify and evaluate an athlete’s movement in various ways which has not been possible until now.

Neil Henderson

As a coach, TYPE-R now allows me to rapidly identify asymmetries and patterns of movement in a real world setting that I couldn’t previously see in an athlete. With this kind of data, I can make informed decisions on how to adjust a rider’s form to see what impact that might have on metrics such as power and cadence.



The LEOMO Link companion app is for setting up and configuring the TYPE-R.
LEOMO Link is available for both iOS and Android.


Size w 3.5" x h 3.3" x d 1.7" (88.3mm x 83.4mm x 43.3mm)*
*at display area : d 0.2" (4.6 mm)
Weight 84 g (w/ S Battery) / 90 g (w/ L Battery)
plus Wristband: +25 g
plus Dock (w/ Port Cap): +32 g
plus Dock & Dock Charger: +85 g
Waterproof Rating TYPE-R Main Unit w/ Display and S Battery : IPX 6
Dock w/ Dock Charger: IPX 5
Display 3.0 in, FWVGA (854 x 480), Color (16.7mil.)
Touch Panel Capacitive
Wireless Technology ANT+ (For external sensors),
Bluetooth (For supplied LEOMO Motion Sensors only),
Bluetooth Low Energy (For settings with Smartphone),
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz), For data connection)
Built-in Sensors Accelerometer
Barometric Altimeter
Battery Replaceable Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery
L: 615mAh, S: 375mAh,
Dock Charger : 2030mAh
Battery Life approx. 1h to 6h 20m with motion sensors*
approx. 1h 20m to 9h 40m without motion sensors*
*depending on battery configuration of the S Battery, L Battery, Dock Charger, and display brightness.
5 Motion Sensors
Screen Brightness
S Battery
1h 10m
1h 20m
1h 30m
L Battery
1h 30m
1h 50m
2h 40m
S Battery & Dock Charger
4h 50m
5h 40m
6h 20m
8h 20m
L Battery & Dock Charger
5h 10m
6h 20m
7h 10m
9h 40m

All measurements were conducted under : Temperature: 73°F, GPS: On, 3 ANT+ Sensors Connected Battery life may be shortened depending on the situation, such as when the temperature is low.
Use TYPE-R where the ambient temperature is between 32º to 95º F (0º and 35º C). Low- or high-temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life, could stop charging from Battery charger and could cause the device to turn off. The behavior will return to normal when you bring the device within the range of operating ambient temperature. Store the device where the temperature is between -4º to 113º F (-20º and 45º C). Avoid to leave the device under high temperature environment such as under the blazing sun.

Battery Charging Time 1h 30m to 5h depending on battery configuration
  • S or L Battery + Dock Charger: 5h
  • S or L Battery: 1h 30m
  • Dock Charger only: 3h 30m
Memory 8GB Memory
(6GB user available space for about 30 hrs ride)
Export Data Formats (Filetypes) .fit
Languages (UI) English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese
Package Contents TYPE-R main unit with display and S battery
L battery
Dock charger
Dock with port cap
Bike mount
Motion sensors (5)
Sensor carrier
Sensor clips (2)
Sensor adhesives (50)
Sensor charger
AC adapter
USB cables (2)
Carrying case
Anti-glare film
Wristband with adjustment spacer
Requirements Wi-Fi connection

  iOS: iOS9.0 or later, iPhone 4S or later
  Android: Android 4.4 or later

Supported LEOMO web app browsers:
  Chrome V53 or later
  Safari V10 or later
  Firefox V49 or later
  Edge 3.0 or later
  Internet Explorer 11
Quantity Provided 5
Size W 1.5 x H 1.5 x D 0.3 in
W 37 x H 37 x D 7.8 mm
Weight 12 g
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Built-in Sensors Accelerometer
Battery Life approx. 7h 50m
Battery Charging Time 1.5 hrs
Battery Built-in Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery