Enter for a chance to win a LEOMO TYPE-R

LEOMO, developer of innovative sports-based devices, is giving away ten TYPE-R portable motion analysis devices and you could be one of ten to win one free!

The $799 value TYPE-R device includes powerful features including but not limited to: GPS tracking, ANT+™ connectivity and five discreet rechargeable Bluetooth® sensors that helps accurately measure motion and form. With the LEOMO sensors, the TYPE-R can measure important aspects of the riders movement like never before, including:

  • Dead Spot Score – Pinpoint the magnitude and locations where pedaling velocities lack smoothness along the left and right pedaling cycles.
  • Foot Angular Range – Measures how much the heel moves up and down while pedaling.
  • Foot Angular Range (Q1) - Measures how much the heel moves up and down between the 12 and 3 o’clock positions.
  • Leg Angular Range – Measures how much the thighs move up and down while pedaling.
  • Pelvic Tilt – Measures how much a rider’s pelvis is tilted upwards.Simply complete the form and submit your information to be eligible for the prize.


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Win one of ten LEOMO TYPE-R's!

You can find more information about the LEOMO TYPE-R here.

The official TYPE-R Spec sheet is located at the bottom the product page.