LEOMO Run Form Coaching Group

LEOMO Run Form Coaching Group

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6 week program that is designed to help runners improve their form with the use of LEOMO's TYPE-S unit and MPIs. The program will teach runners drills, stretches, and a few muscle activators along with running technique principles in order to maximize their running form efficiency.

Program begins June 3rd and cost is $20

Week 1 is testing 

Week 2-5 is the program so 2x/week

Week 6 is post testing

Week 6 can be flexible as it's just run testing, but the 4 weeks in the middle are firm on the schedule. We will start on June 3rd that will be our test date (week 1). This is your big run day. You'll run about 5-6 miles. 

Then we'd meet for 4 weeks, twice a week: 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 29th and July 1st would be our last session. Post testing we can arrange for sometime after the 4th.

Location: to keep it simple we'll just do one location
Chaparral High School in Parker
15655 Brookstone Dr, Parker, CO 80134