Optimize your form to run faster and cooler.

Athletes‘ performance improvement starts here.

Improving performance for endurance athletes starts with improving their form

A fastest way to improving your performance is improving your form. Improving your form helps you run more efficiently. If you can run efficiently, you can run with less energy. Then, if you can run with less energy, you can run longer and faster. We can all agree on that, right?

Does your form look cool?

Top-level athletes run faster, longer, and cooler. The difference between top-level athletes and ordinary athletes is not muscle strength or size, but techniques such as form. Top athletes run cool and fast because they run with the proper form. By capturing world-class athletes’ form data and analyzing it, LEOMO can define the most proper form to run faster.

For the proper form

Don’t you wish to run like elite athletes – run faster with the beautiful form? It is never too late to fix your form. However, you won’t be able to run like elite athletes by just trying to run like them. It is because you haven’t compared the differences between your form and elite athletes’ form. The first step to improve your form is to understand the characteristic of your form. As it is said, “How can you fix something if you don‘t know what’s broken,” you won’t be able to improve your form without knowing your form errors.

Your naked eyes and intuition cannot detect supersubtle form errors

Unlike most of us might imagine, running and cycling are mechanically complex. There are over 65 bones and many muscles from the waist down and each bone and muscle are responsible for increasing or decreasing your running and cycling speed. It is why slow motion video and even coaches’ eyes cannot detect supersubtle form errors.

Form improvement backed by data

We use motion sensors to quantify and evaluate the quality of your form.
Our compact motion sensors can capture 3,000 datasets of your form every second for more than 7 hours while on the road, allowing us to collect plenty of data to thoroughly analyze your form.
By understanding your form characteristic, you can start working on improving your form to run like an elite athlete.

Let's improve your form with LEOMO's motion analysis tools.

LEOMO's motion analysis tools

Our motion sensors to collect motion data

Our compact motion sensors that weight only 12 grams can capture 3,000 datasets of your form every second.

Our head unit TYPE-S to process motion data

The device with high processing power that is capable of instantly processing tons of form data collected from motions sensors, but weighs only 200g.