About us

LEOMO is a developer of innovative sports devices that use smart sensors, advanced analytics and a cloud based service to provide data-driven feedback based on the latest sports science to help athletes elevate their performance.

Accurate sensing

LEOMO's sensors have been especially developed to accurately track motion hundreds of times per second via their embedded, high-performance 3-D gyroscope and accelerometer.

Unique device

LEOMO's unique device was developed with sports in mind: its multiple-battery and weather-proof design allow it to be used in any condition, for extended lengths of time.

Real time analysis

LEOMO's device serves as the platform where our state-of-the art motion analysis algorithms are run in real time, providing direct and immediate feedback to athletes.

Cloud analysis

LEOMO's cloud service is where motion activity data is stored and shared, allowing analysis of motion and performance improvements over time, across a number of activities.

Our founding team

LEOMO's founding team combines a deep experience in cycling and sports, together with entreprenurial excellence.


Kunihiko Kaji

Kunihiko is the CEO and co-founder of LEOMO, and member of the LEOMO Bellmare Racing Team.


Taizo Son

Taizo is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Before co-funding LEOMO, he was the co-founder of GungHo, and launched Yahoo Japan.

Open positions around the world

LEOMO is growing across the world, offering generous benefits — like great insurance coverage and ample time off for sport events and races.


Corporate address

3991 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 125
Newport Beach (CA) 92660
United States of America

Tokyo Office

1-10-8 Nishiazabu
Minato-ku (Tokyo) 106-0031

San Diego Office

Coming soon
San Diego (CA)
United States of America