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November 6, 2020 10:00 AM MDT
Town Hall:RUN

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Tracking Motion Fatigue in Running

In this webinar, LEOMO's Joe Cavarretta will take you through his method of assessing form breakdown within runners, and how to tailor training to improve.

Running Shoe Comparison

In this webinar, LEOMO's Brian Metzler looks at the data derived from testing three new marathon racing shoes with carbon-fiber plates embedded in the midsole (Brooks Hyperion Elite, Nike Vaporfly Next% and ASICS MetaRacer) to see how performance varies between each model.

Introducing Run MPIs for Advanced Running Form Analysis

Working in conjunction with the LEOMO TYPE-S next-generation sports computer and proprietary motion sensors, the six new MPIs will unlock digital insights to a runner’s form and will, for the first time, allow runners, triathletes, and coaches to understand the complexity of an individual’s entire gait cycle and cue changes to increase efficiency and performance.

Optimizing Stability of an Aero position

Developing a fast and sustainable aero-position is often a complex process for bike-fitter and athlete. Technology like pressure mapping and IMU sensors sets the scientific fundament for fit decisions and makes the process objective and transparent for both fitter and athlete. In this webinar, we talked about the opportunities of combining different technologies like gebioMized and Leomo, main analysis parameters, and real-world case studies.

How Crank Length Affects DSS and FAR Q1 Power Generation

We had the pleasure of hosting Jon Iriberri, biomechanics expert, sports technician for Jumbo Visma, and CEO of Custom4us, on March 31st. Jon presented his research on how to crank length affects DSS, FAR Q1, and power output.

Cómo la longitud del cigüeñal afecta la generación de energía DSS y FAR Q1

Tuvimos el placer de recibir a Jon Iriberri, experto en biomecánica, técnico deportivo de Jumbo Visma y CEO de Custom4us, el 31 de marzo. Jon presentó su investigación sobre cómo la longitud de la manivela afecta a DSS, FAR Q1 y la potencia de salida.

Maintaining Optimal TT Position using LEOMO Technology

In this webinar, Sebastian Weber, sports scientist, and owner of INSYCD will demonstrate how LEOMO’s motion analysis technology can help athletes maintain the optimal TT position in real-time. Tune in for an in-depth presentation of our newest feature and real-life use case examples and benefits.

Adam Hansen Bike Fitting Protocol webinar

Adam Hansen shares his best practices using LEOMO's TYPE-S & LVS to pinpoint his bike fit. Learn how using LEOMO's IMU sensors and motion analytics can help you maximize your performance.

Squats: Optimizing Vertical Movement in Endurance Athletes

In this webinar sports scientist and coach, Joseph Cavarretta, looked at optimizing vertical movement for endurance athletes during a squat. The case study was around two athletes: one a endurance cyclist and a marathon runner and looked at how utilizing the Live Video Sync helped determine the best Sagittal plane movement.

Using Motion Analysis to Improve time trial performance

Watch Apex Coaching Founder and CEO Neal Henderson as he took us through his process of integrating LVS to analyze and improve time trial performance.

Motion analysis to improve world class riders performance

Coach and Founder of INSCYD, Sebastian Weber took us through his process of integrating LVS to measure, analyze and help improve performance for world class cyclist.

How to Integrate LEOMO LVS into a profitable business model

Leomo Live Video Sync is a powerful tool that can be used for both enhancing athletic performance. But can it be used for a profitable business model? John Bennett, JJ Pro Performance Centre believes it can be and in this video he goes over how it can be done!

Identifying Movement and Strength Imbalances in a Marathon Runner

LEOMO Sports Scientist and Coach Joseph Cavarretta take us through the process of integrating Live Video Sync to assess movement and strength imbalances in a marathon runner.

Assessing Power Clean Technique

How to get good power clean technique? Using our Live Video Sync, Sports Scientist and Coach, Joe Cavarretta, outlines what to look for in order to have an efficient technique to perform power clean safely and strongly.