LEOMO Product


Motion sensors

Extremely accurate motion sensors trusted by top athletes. LEOMO’s five motion sensors accurately capture your running and cycling movements and detect your form errors.

Precise Motion Sensors

Equipped with six motion detectors: accelerometer, barometric altimeter, compass, gyroscope, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor

High-frequency data collection

Compact motion sensors can capture 3,000 running and cycling form-related datasets every second. On top of it, the motion sensors can continuously capture form data for more than 7 hours while on the road.


The head unit that is capable of instantly processing tons of form data collected from motions sensors. The device with high processing power, but weighs only 200g. With TYPE-S, you can calculate and display MPIs (Motion Performance Indicator) - indexes that allow you to evaluates the quality of movement, in real time.

Rugged waterproof design

Built for outdoor use. TYPE-S features IPX7-level waterproofing and come with a 3-inch transflective display that is visible even in the brightest direct sunlight.

Robust and reliable connectivity

TYPE-S comes with two built-in Bluetooth chips to minimize the risk of sensor disconnection and data loss.

LVS - Live Video Sync

Used by professional athletes around the world, the running and cycling form analysis tool capable of synchronizing motion sensors’ form data with slow motion video. Synchronizing form data with slow motion video makes it easier to visually understand form data by showing exactly how you move when you run or bike.