LEOMO welcomes Japan’s sprint pioneer Nobuharu Asahara as Sprint Consultant

LEOMO challenges running norms with its running form improvement method, incorporating the essence of sprint movement, to take athletes to the next level.

Nobuharu Asahara - LEOMO sprint consultant


LEOMO, Inc. announces the 4x100m silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics Nobuharu Asahara as its new LEOMO Sprint Consultant.

LEOMO has been providing performance improvement services for top athletes using LEOMO TYPE-S and motion sensor data, in addition to services for serious runners such as RunX Athletes Academy.

After analyzing the world's top runners’ running forms, LEOMO came to a conclusion that the key for middle and long-distance runners to be more efficient, faster, stronger, and staying injury-free is to improve their running forms by mastering the movement of sprinters.

By combining Mr. Asahara's knowledge of the evaluation of sprint movement and method to improve sprint mechanics and technique with LEOMO's rich running form data and scientifically based data analysis expertise, LEOMO has been developing a completely new service that is different from existing performance improvement methods in every way and it improves the performance of not only top middle distance and long distance runners around the world, but also other serious runners with ambition to beat their personal best. On top of it, LEOMO plans to expand its system for sprint analysis.

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LEOMO, Inc. provides performance enhancement services for athletes by integrating sports science and technology. With its cutting-edge motion analysis technology and training programs, LEOMO helps athletes reach new heights and unlock their true performance potential.