Live Video Sync


LVS is a video capture application designed to help competitive athletes, coaches, physiologists, researchers, and bike fitters unlock the power of motion analysis. LVS and TYPE-S work seamlessly together to give the user the ability to sync motion data derived from IMU sensors and LEOMO MPIs with video capture in a real-world environment.


LVS offers comprehensive motion analysis data of an athlete’s specific movement patterns by syncing the video captured from the camera of an iPad (120-240 FPS) or iPhone† with the 5, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer LEOMO motion sensors. LVS gives the user the flexibility to place the sensors anywhere on the athlete’s body to provide motion data for a wide range of movement patterns in running, cycling and numerous other athletic endeavors.


LVS provides a variety of tools and functions that can be customized to provide optimal data collection and analysis. It allows for the cross-analyzation of power, cadence, speed, heart rate, elevation and the ability to get a holistic view of how an athlete responds to training stresses. Immediate playback and review allows for instantaneous communicate changes to an athlete to make subtle position changes on the fly. Additionally, the portable nature of LVS allows the freedom to be used indoors or outdoors for real-time analysis.



The flexibility of placing the IMU sensor anywhere to measure the raw data of X-, Y-, and Z- axises of the accelerometer and gyrometer makes Live Video Sync LEOMO’s most versatile product. There are no limits to accumulating rich, quantified data when tracking an athlete's motion in any sport.


Take video analysis to the next level. With your iPad or iPhone† and your TYPE-R or TYPE-S you are able to capture all your athletes most valuable data in one location. Use your iPad or iPhone† camera to record your athlete (120-240 FPS) while also syncing the 5, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer LEOMO motion sensors, which provide immediate in depth motion data.

Raw Data

LEOMO’s IMU sensors capture 3-axis gyrometer and accelerometer data. Live Video Sync is the only LEOMO product that allows users to capture and download the raw data of each axis and view it in an oscilloscope graph.

Analyze and Compare

Live Video Sync makes data analysis a breeze. Compare and track variances, averages, angular velocities, change of speed, and scrub data as needed. In addition, LVS’s replay and split screen view allows for side-by-side analysis of before and after.

Indoor and Outdoor

Athletic performance can vary greatly between indoor and outdoor settings. This is why LEOMO created Live Video Sync to be used in either setting. Measure and compare any athletic motion indoor or outdoor with LVS.


Live Video Sync captures valuable data that is worth keeping secure. With LVS, users can export their video motion sensor data from the LVS app to their computer desktop instantly via Air Drop or Google Drive. From there, users can dive deeper into data analysis and easily secure the data.


*1 Three-axis gyroscope data and three-axis accelerometer data
*2 The number of graphs that the user can see at one time
*3 The ability to display the difference between two value data trends
*4 The ability to view overlay oscillation graph lines in the selected ranges (e.g. by cadence, by step, etc.)
*5 Send files to another iPad using AirDrop
*6 One TYPE-S comes with the purchase of the yearly advanced plan, or 12 consecutive months paid for the monthly plan
*7 LEOMOCare is included with the TYPE-S for the advanced plan

System Requirements


- iPad Air or later
- iPad Mini 2 or later
- iPad excluding iPad 1 to 4
- iPad Pro
- iOS 10.0 or later


- iOS 10.0 or later
- iPhone 6/6Plus or later

LEOMO Devices

- LEOMO Motion Sensors
- Wi-Fi Connection