TYPE-S United States Affiliates


The commission rate for all TYPE-S sensor kit and TYPE-S sensors kit pro sold in the United States is 10%. This program is available to everyone both within and outside the US. If you are looking for the TYPE-S European program, you can find that here.

1) To create an account, click on this link (https://www-leomo.goaffpro.com/create-account)

This message will appear and be sure to fill out the necessary information required:

2) After you have filled out the necessary information, a verification email will be sent to you.

Be sure to verify your email once you get it.


3) Upon logging into your account. Click on the “Marketing Tools” tab and copy and paste the TYPE-S Sensor Kit and/or TYPE-S sensor Kit Pro link in the required space.

TYPE-S Sensor Kit: https://www.leomo.io/collections/type-s/products/type-s-sensor-kit-1

TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro: https://www.leomo.io/collections/type-s/products/type-s-sensor-kit


4) A unique link will be generated, and you can now share that link on any of your social networks and web pages.

5) Next you will want to set up a payout method.

6) To set up payment method click on the “Settings” tab and scroll down to the “Payment Settings.”



7) Click “Setup” and follow the instructions provided


If you have any questions or need support getting the LEOMO Affiliate Program up and running, please contact us here